Painful Silence

Amie Shalom

Written By: Amie Shalom


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Let this be written for a future generation,
that a people not created may praise the LORD.
Psalm 102:18

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“Maybe it is my fault. Should I have stayed with him and let him abuse me? But I never knew he was abusing my son too. What did I do wrong? I thought getting rid of him – by divorcing him – we were safe. We ended up being abused worst.”


Along with 100’s of other heart-broken parents, I filed my case with the Department of Justice 1/15/14 and we are WAITING.



Hard to put in writing and describe why I am in this unfair position.  GAGGED per order of family court.  I ask myself why can’t I tell the public, my family, others of what has happened to my own VOICE.

The request for me to be GAGGED was made by



I will not give up.  I will not give in into their game.  I need the public to know my story. I need help in reuniting and leaving this ugly nightmare behind.  I need true justice to be done.  I need everyone who orchestrated this atrocity, by sweeping the truth under the rug, I need them to be held accountable.


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I’m not free until my son is free.  We cannot be free until all are free. Yes we’re all wearing different shackles -they’re still shackles. ‪#‎JusticeForAlexander‪#‎PainfulSilence‬



Painful Silence is about:

●Protecting the children against any type of harm and abuse.
●Fit Parents – Fathers and Mothers have the right to parent their children.
●Demanding CPS reform and stop fostering our children -for profit.
●Forced Foster Care–full stop to that.
●Children are to remain in their true eligible homes with eligible family members in case there is a situation where either one or both parents are truly found to be abusers -no based on false testimonies.
●Adoption should be used when there is no healthy eligible family members to take care of the children not when children can be placed with loving Grand-parents, Aunts and Uncles.
●Industry of “Clinicians” psychiatrists, psychologists, LCSW- full stop to that too.
●Domestic Violence – full stop.
●No 50/50 share parenting with abusers.
●Family Court Law Reform.



  1. Gerald Price says:

    I love your story and hate it at the same time. I will be praying for you. God has a plan and an answer

    • Amie Shalom says:

      Thank you for your support Gerald. I am purchasing your book. Prayers are always welcome and much needed. Shalom

  2. Hugo says:

    Realmente impactado Amie, tu sufrimiento también es nuestro, jamás bajes los brazos y confía en Dios. Estoy convencido que esto no quedará impune, lograrás vencer al sistema. Mucha paciencia y serenidad, pronto llegará tu recompensa.

    • Amie Shalom says:

      Hugo, Gracias por tu apoyo incondicional desde Peru. Mucho he luchado, desmayado pero me he vuelto siempre a levantar. un camino dificil, solitario que solo con Dios es posible atravesar. Mi intension es rescatar mi niño indefenso y apoyar a todos los padres en especial las madres que están siendo abusadas por el sistema judicial robándole los niños en la corte. Que este sistema maligno sea desplomado y surja un verdadero sistema de proteger los niños abusados y mujeres abusadas. Zero tolerancia de apoyar al abusador en la justicia terrenal. Gracias, bendiciones.

  3. Amie Shalom says:

    Thank you dear lovely Gwaag Freebird. Love you Gwaag, me xo

  4. mary faith says:

    There are so many of us women that have been gagged. What happened to freedom of speech?

    • Amie Shalom says:

      Mary Faith, unfortunately America has lost the “freedom of speech” long time ago. Is up to us to stand firm and demand it back before is too late. Agreed women are targets in family court as well as unprotected and the abusers are awarded with the victims–the children. Is sad and terrible. Please feel free to invite all the gagged mothers, fathers and grand parents that feel hopeless and together we can make a difference. Shalom

  5. martha ricart says:

    Mana cuenta conmigo, las injusticias no son obra de Dios!

  6. cherie says:

    I hope one day all those people who harm our children will be brought to justice. l love you

    • Amie Shalom says:

      We have been robbed from our most priceless treasures–our children. My heart goes out to you as well since you have been deprived from your soon and also faced a Terroristic Divorce. True Justice for our children and ourselves has arrived. We just need to trust the Creator. He is faithful. Those children belong to Him not to the system and the abusers. Shalom Cherie. xo

  7. Karla says:

    Touching website. Tears rolled downs my eyes, I hope you and your son get justice very soon and before is too late…. prayers going up for you guys that is for sure.

  8. Karla says:

    Karla It will not be too late, my trust, faith and confidence has been in my God. I can not count on no one else but my creator. My son and I belong to him. there is a perfect timing for everything under the sun and I have learned to patiently wait. It is painful and it has been horrendous–but in the end the truth reigns. Shalom

  9. Gerald price says:

    I admire your faith. Real faith in God cannot be defeated . I have come to believe that the real answer is believing on earth for the will of God. In our case, a spiritual leader once said to me “you need to pray for the will of God , that will get you somewhere” He then said “you need to pray until all the anger and bitterness and resentment is gone, when you do that, there will be no case. I’d has been a long road trying to fully understand that. I take examples from the word of God. Certainly Joseph must have awakened in Prison many mornings wondering if God had forsaken him. He could not have known what God had in store for him. Prayer will get us there

    • Amie Shalom says:

      When I found myself in this awful position I knew that only god could get me out of the bad marriage and free my son and myself. I thought that when the divorce was over it was going to be peaceful but it was worse. The custody battle and my son’s allegations were not negotiable. As a protective mother and a woman of God I needed to let God guide me. I was also advise by spiritual leaders that true forgiveness was the key for my son’s return and the anger, hate, bitterness toward the injustice and the abusers needed to be dealt and only god could help me get rid of all those horrendous feelings. I am free in my heart today but the pain caused by the legal system and the ones that orchestrated it will be release as I continue to write my first book. Thank you for your kind words. As I am reading your book I can see all you went thru too. We are called to help others and continue the intercessory prayers for those that right now are suffering injustice. Shalom

  10. Timothy Strout says:


    I feel for you. They have Extremely Wicked Judges and SRS/CPS People. I can not stand the ground that they walk on. I know this that they blame the innocent people for crimes that they themselves commit. I know this to be the fact. They are govt kiddsnapers. They stole some of my nephews and nieces!

    • Amie Shalom says:


      This whole CPS children kidnapping and judges entertaining that horrendous CIRCUS is ungodly. I never thought that seeking for justice my son and I were going to be blamed, lied and abused. The most high God is in control and one thing for sure HE IS JUST. Sorry for what your family lived with your nephew’s government kidnap. Trust they are well and reunited with your family. Shalom

  11. Gerald price says:

    Thank you Amie . I will remember you when I pray

    • Amie Shalom says:

      I will remember you too Gerald for you and yours to heal and this nightmare fades to the point it will be a testimony to the nations that God Yahweh glorified himself in your loved one rescue. I am recommending your book. This was and is what we were called for by the Lord. Shalom

  12. angela- aka madangel says:

    The painful silence, truth can not be told. The abusers being protected from from having their filth be told. Children and parents suffering from the injustice of the justice system. A mother heart ache as her heart breaks for her son who’s been torn from her protection. Do not let the painful silence be this families fate. Do not let them destroy the beauty of a family in a silent heart break.

    • Amie Shalom says:


      This painful silence has a limit. I am sure the time will come where my story will be told and exposed. It is obvious family court GAGGED me to protect their filth and injustice. this is my first step to break their unfairness and abuse to a mother that her heart is aching. I will not let the destroy the beauty of a family just because their actions are operating o the evil side. Thank you for your thoughts and being part of my journey as one of the fighters against this corruption. Shalom

  13. Rodolfo Gil Malagon says:

    justice will be served sooner than you expect.

  14. Amie Shalom says:

    Thank you Rodolfo for your unconditional support and that word of hope. Shalom

  15. Tom Dobbie says:

    Police, social workers, family court judges, CAFCASS and family court lawyers and barristers –

    They covered up the many abuses of my children, and then abused my children.

    They gagged my children.

    They gagged me.

    I have been to the family court 56 times. The level of lies, smearing, perjury, harassment desperately needs to be on television and newsights to let the world see what an evil force of bad in this world looks like.

    The fight still goes on now…..

  16. Wendi says:

    Hello Amie. I applaud you for standing up against family court. It is sad that you are not alone. My husband is going through a very similar situation and the opposing attorney has been successful in suppressing the evidence of his ex’s treatment of both himself and the children. Her lies and projections have been so effective he has lost his parenting time.
    There are many in similar situations. It is one of the horrible secrets of family court that families are torn apart under the guise of “protecting the children”. Using heresy, programmed statements from the children, fabrications or twisted truths the abusive/alienating parent convinces the judge to cease contact with the healthy parent. That’s why we formed — to provide help and community for those dealing with high conflict divorce.
    Every parent that is willing to stand up to court officials and fight for their children is another voice speaking out for family law reform. Good luck!!

    • Amie Shalom says:

      Hi Wendi,

      I am sorry you and your husband are facing this sad situation. I am glad you were able to find a decent lawyer that is helping you in your case. Unlike most of us that ran into so many corrupted lawyers. Their goal was to milk us and play the game until they were caught by us–true victims.

      Never ever give up. We are here to help in what we can.

      please join us on Facebook Page:

      Twitter: @amieshalom

      I am positive you will obtain your most derided victory soon. Thank you for taking your time in reading, watching my website and commenting.


      Amie Shalom

  17. Hugo says:

    The wickedness will never go unpunished, there are a divine justice,nobody escapes of it……Many strength and faith … I know will you triumph …

  18. Lincoln says:

    Hi! Someone in my Facebook group shared this site with
    us so I came to give it a look. I am sorry what you and your son have been going thru. I can not imagine being separated of my own kids. Please never give up, as you wrote divine justice will be done in your case and hope very soon. You are very brave, your son will be extremely proud of you one day. What a fighter!!!!

  19. Mary says:

    The Prayer was very touching and the letter to your son…. Hope you reunite with your baby soon. Sad story i pray for a happy ending.

  20. be patient dear that’s a difficult things what you are living right now… sorry

  21. I do agree with you all the way

  22. Elizabeth Ellery says:

    Keep on writing, great job!

  23. Cheryl L Bullock says:

    It happens too often and the children are forgotten….They have taken so many and do not even know where some are…My heart breaks every time I hear yet another story…It can happen to anybody now

  24. Dianne says:

    So thankful I found this site. I’m going through the exact same thing with family court judges and gals handing my son to the abuser and molester.
    Please contact me at any time. Thanks for sharing your story and exposing the corruption and injustices to our children

  25. paul robinson says:

    I my name is paul robinson and I was family proceedings from december 2013 to september 2014 and our daughter is awaiting for adoption and I want daughter back but during the proceedings I went to Leeds minster on a sunday and there is one I like it say let god deal with wrath if your enemy is hungry feed them, if they are thirsty give them something to drink because the more we do that we’re burning heating coals on their heads.

  26. Amie…God is bringing you through this, unto the day that your Son is back in your arms again. “For I will contend with him who contends with you, and I will save your children.” (Isaiah)

  27. Helen Murray says:

    I have had my four children ripped away from my arms i refuse to say ive lost them as i dont feel i have. As in my heart and mind i will fight to have them home where they belong. Were they should never have been taken from. My heart is broken but my will and my strength will never be i want my babies home and home they shall return too.

  28. Adele Vessia says:

    I have been severely wronged by Suffolk County Family Court Islip N.Y. I havenot seen my children in 8 years now this injustice has to stop. Adele Vessia

  29. John Brookes says:

    God will guide and keep you. And he shall be at your side through your journey. and i will be with you also in spirit.

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