Painful Silence

Moving Forward

Written By: Amie Shalom - Nov• 17•15

Dear Judge Clark:
I understand that my case remains on a STAY per your Honor’s latest text ruling dated on XXXX based on Rooker-Feldman and Younger doctrine which I hope that I have successfully overcome. I am not in lower court fighting this case for over turn charges but I am presently fighting on Supreme court. I am before this bench asking for Federal Court to review the tremendous and overwhelming Civil Rights violations committed upon me and my minor son,
K. A.Y. by all defendants in this case.

Furthermore, I would like to kindly inform this court and all defendants that I have an open case and have asked for an investigation of our Human Rights’ violations under charters and treaties set forth by the United Nations. I have been assigned a case number, and expect, demand, pray that one way or the other, this case will be heard and that it will continue to be escalated to the highest levels of authorities. I am not planning on giving up in true justice, free my son and I from all the abuse done to me as a woman, protective mother in the United States of America.


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