Painful Silence


Written By: Amie Shalom - Jul• 18•15

Children Protection Services AKA CPS, Family Corrupted Court, Therapists/Psychologists/Psychiatrist Industry have simply proven to suffer from severe personality and MORAL disorder, because it is immoral to lie, belittle, coerce, threatens, abuse,   hurt, accuse, ordered-mandate, intimidate, seize, ignored children and protective loving parents just for your own personal financial gain while destroying innocents. Not to mention ripping families apart.   ~Painful Silence

Mother Committed Suicide Abused and Bullied by CPS and Family Court

I was Facebook friend of this precious Mom Lacie, I remember waking up one morning to this terrible news that she took her life away because CPS had removed her children from her unjustly. I felt impotent and as I’ve been Gagged I made the step to find ways to speak up and tell the world about these family court injustices launching Painful Silence. R.I.P.  Lacie  xo 



Father Committed Suicide Abused By Family Court and Bullied By Narcissistic Ex Wife 


* Expose everyone that harmed your child and yourself since that is their worse nightmare. They will lie, discredit, deceive, deny, manipulate those around them making them believe that you are ‘crazy’ and not to be trusted stating you are an ‘exaggerator and delusional’ convincing everyone they can [i.e., including your friends and family if they can] that you need ‘mental help’ as they are narcissist and one of their red flags is when they act outraged at what you are doing to ‘them’ [blame shift] remember you’re not doing anything wrong but exposing who they truly are to the world to prevent others from being harmed by those pathological liars – psychos that must be under serious mental watch and separated from society since they’re sick people contaminating this world. This group of people are found in family court law.

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