Painful Silence

Recommended Books

Written By: Amie Shalom

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Author Maria Jose Carrascosa writes about true dramatic story of hers and precious daughter’s lives destroyed by Bergen County family court system in the State of New Jersey. Her [Mary-Jo] book is available on a waiting list order at her website link:
                  A Broken American Dream (Un sueño americano roto)


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Author Michael Volpe discusses his new book Bullied to Death: Chris Mackney’s Kafkaesque Divorce. His book is available from Amazon at the following link:


On December 29, 2013, Chris Mackney sat alone in his parked car, put a shot gun underneath his chin and blew his head off. It was the tragic end to a near six year custody battle which saw him penniless, homeless, jobless, with no access to his children, and taunted and threatened with jail: all at the behest of his ex-wife and her father. This all started when Mackney discovered that his father-in-law was a murderer and the man who got away with one murder engineered a suicide to hide it. “Murder by suicide” Mackney called it. The legal bullying didn’t stop with his suicide. His ex-wife followed him into the grave and attempted to copyright his suicide note. When that blew up, Mackney became a martyr and symbol for all that’s wrong with family courts. His suicide note has been read by millions, but now the whole unbelievable story is told.